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Among the top Midwest gaming destinations lies the Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel. It is the perfect combination of modern accommodations surrounded by attractive national accolades. Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel Michigan boasts an up-to-the-minute gaming experience with exceptional dining options.

The award-winning casino and hotel are only a couple of minutes from downtown Traverse City surrounded by beautiful scenic bays providing an excellent view for guests and players. Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel Michigan's partnership with Caesars sportsbook resulted in Michiganders placing wagers on various sporting events. This article takes a deeper look at what makes Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel Michigan stand out from the competition.

About Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel in Michigan

The beautiful Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel Michigan offers visitors a memorable and unique experience, including outdoor and indoor activities. Located only 11 miles outside Traverse City in Michigan, the casino and hotel are among the top vacation spots for local and international tourists. With a 56,000 square feet casino floor, Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel Michigan offers from table games and slots to sports betting.

Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel offers more than ordinary gambling in Michigan, but also a wide range of recreational activities, including golf, biking, boating, museums, and galleries. It has an evergreen forest excellent for fall touring and the lake effect snow for snowmobiling and skiing enthusiasts.

The Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel Michigan is rich in history and culture being owned by the Chippewa Indians and the Grand Traverse Band. It offers from fine dining to the local's favorite to ensure you don't miss out on anything. With an all-inclusive shopping arcade and the most popular microbreweries, you're in for a treat while placing wagers on your favorite teams.

Types of betting that Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel offers

There’s more than the scenic view that Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel Michigan offers bettors. It provides guests and players with various games to bet on, which include the following:

  • Table games - Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel Michigan offers table games backed by friendly and professional dealers. You can bet from roulette and craps to blackjack. From reels to video poker, you enjoy 1,200 slot machines, with some featured in an electronic format, including play-at-your-own-pace options. Some popular table games include Super 4 Poker, 3 Card, Louisiana Stud, Take 2 Back, Jackpot Hold’em, etc.
  • Sportsbook - Sports betting is becoming more popular by the day in the US. Caesar’s sportsbook is among the highly recognized bookmakers providing competitive odds and an excellent betting experience. The partnership between Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel Michigan and Caesar sportsbook provides residents of the Great Lake State with an array of betting alternatives, including betting kiosks and sports betting apps. Here bettors enjoy placing wagers on soccer, football, basketball, golf, etc.
  • Slots - The 56,000 square feet casino has slot machines for every player’s needs. Being among the top largest casinos in Michigan, it has various slot machines where you can play from as low as a penny. At Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel Michigan, you are guaranteed a fantastic night on slots. The most popular slot games worth your time and money include the Dancing Drums, Cleopatra Slots and the Lightning Zap Slot

Is there sports betting at Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel?

Yes, you can bet on sports at Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel. There are various sports betting alternatives for bettors in Michigan, including events and tournaments such as NFL, NBA, World Cup, etc.

Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel and Caesars Sportsbook partnership

Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel and Caesars Sportsbook partnership take Michigan’s betting a notch higher. The partnership resulted in perks and privileges for bettors and guests visiting the resort. Members at the popular MI casino enjoy exclusive benefits through redeemable credits and other promotional items. Betting on Caesars Sportsbook also allows bettors to unlock exclusive entertainment and hotel advantages to various Caesars Rewards destinations.

The more you play, the higher your winning chances. Caesars encouraged responsible gambling by partnering with brands that work towards helping bettors avoid gambling addiction and betting beyond their means. With the varying Michigan sports betting alternatives, it becomes easier for bettors to have a wide selection to choose from, providing an outstanding betting experience.

Which sports leagues can I bet on at Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel?

There are various sports leagues and events to bet on at Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel Michigan. The following are the major league events to try your luck with.

  • NBA – The National Basketball Association is a famous basketball league in the US. You can decide to place bets on your favorite team through Outright Winner or Moneyline. Other betting types include futures, race to points, quarter bets, ACCA betting, etc.
  • NFL – It is the National Football League and among the favorite sports for many Americans. You can place wagers through total points, spreads, moneyline, etc., including futures on highly recognizable tournaments like the Super Bowl.
  • MLS – Soccer is a globally recognized game with fans from all over the world. The Major League Soccer at Caesars offers bettors various betting options, including in-game betting. You can bet on the team you expect to win, a draw, and even the underdogs.
  • MLB – In baseball, most bets are based on points spread. Major League Baseball provides Michigan bettors with other options like run line, prop bets, etc.

Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel’s entertainment & cuisine

With betting comes excellent dining and entertainment at Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel in Michigan. The following are must-visit joints you can’t afford to miss.

  • The Skybox – If you’re a group of friends and family members willing to take your watch party to the next level, then The Skybox is the place. Tag along friends for a private watch party at The Skybox, where you won’t be afraid to say which team you’re rooting for.
  • The Deli – Whether you’re looking for a late-night snack or want to enjoy your snack on the go, The Deli has you covered. It is an on-site restaurant with the most delicious and juicy burgers worth the time and money. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it is the perfect spot for a quick bite between hands.
  • Bourbons 72 – Fine dining is a must at Turtle Creek Casino. If you have a thing for steaks and chops seared over an open fire, then Bourbons 72 is the place for you. You can take your gaming to the next level with quality seafood freshly prepared to exceed expectations while enjoying a great meal.

Contact & opening hours

Address: 7741 M-72 East, Williamsburg, MI 49690, US
Opening hours: Mon - Thur, 10.00 a.m – 12.00 a.m, Fri – Sat, 7.00 a.m – 3.00 a.m, Sun 7.00 a.m – 12.00 a.m
Website: www.turtlecreekcasino.com/
Phone number: 800-922-2946
E-mail address: Contact form


How many hotel rooms does Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel have?

Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel has 300 square feet covering its accomodation which includes suites and rooms. They range from the standard to the most luxurious depending on an individual's budget and what they are looking for.

Is there free WiFi available at Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel in Michigan?

Yes, there is complementary WiFi available at Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel in Michigan. The WiFi is mainly for guests residing at the hotel and those dining in the restaurants and entertainment joints. It is a way to ensure the guests and bettors are well taken care of.

Can you smoke at Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel?

Yes, you can smoke at Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel. However, smoking is not allowed in all the areas, therefore, you must ensure that you go to smoke only in the areas smoking is allowed.