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Although the horse racing betting business in Michigan is small in comparison to other US states, bettors in the state have no shortage of betting alternatives. The tradition of pari-mutuel wagering in Michigan dates back many decades. There have been less than a dozen different horse tracks.

The only place to watch live racing, as well as a complete schedule of regular simulcast races from around the nation, is Northville Downs Race Track, which hosts harness racing. So, this article will explore every detail related to Horse Betting Michigan. Continue reading to learn more.

Yes. In the last days of 2019, Michigan passed HB 4310 to modify the Horse Racing Law of 1995, making it lawful to wager on horse races online. Following this, some of the top U.S. operators of online pari-mutuel betting, also known as advance deposit wagering (ADW), started accepting accounts from customers in Michigan and bets from those customers. Bets may be placed via the Internet on horse races held at racetracks located all over the globe.

Horse racing in Michigan is under the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB), which is the state's primary regulating agency. In addition to other responsibilities, the MGCB is responsible for awarding licenses to tracks and ADWs, collecting tax income, and supervising the operation of parimutuel gambling in Michigan.

Types of horse race bets in MI

It is important to have a basic understanding of the type of wagers available in horse betting. So, in this section, we discuss some of the most famous types of wagers used in online horse race betting.

Straight wagers

  • Win bet - This is one of the easiest bets in horse racing, and it doesn't need much of an explanation because of its straightforward nature. To place this kind of wager, all you have to do is choose a horse that you think will come out on top of the whole competition. In the event that the horse you chose finishes in first place after the post, you will be awarded a reward. You will, however, lose your wager in the event that the horse you choose does not come out on top in the race. Consider a $2 wager on a horse with 4/5 chances to win the race. It implies you have a chance to earn $53 from a $51 payout plus the return on your $2 investment.
  • Place bet - When opposed to the win bet type, this more conventional wagering option provides more leeway and customization. This is because you'll need to choose a horse that performs in the top two, rather than just one that wins, the race. If you wager on a horse and he or she ends up first or second, you win. Assume you put $2 to wager on a horse with 1/4 odds. This implies that if your chosen horse comes in either of the top two places, you will get a payout of $2.50.
  • Show bet - This conventional wager is quite similar to a place bet. The only difference between a place wager and a show wager is that the latter covers the top three spots. A place wager only covered the first two slots. When your nominated horse finishes in one of the top three spots, you will earn a reward. Consider a $2 show wager on a horse having odds around 1/9. This indicates that you have the chance to win $2.22 if your chosen horse finishes in the top three spots. Your reward will not vary regardless of whether your horse finishes 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

Exotic wagers

  • Single race - Exotic bets placed on a single race are commonly referred to as vertical exotics or single race bets. This is because they entail placing a wager on the finish order of that single event. The potential payout inreases along with the challenge when you try to choose more finishing positions. However, the difficulty grows with each additional finishing position.
  • Exacta - Here, you will need to choose two horses from the same race that you think will come in first and second place. But that's not the end of it. Before you can get a payment, you will also have to provide a prediction on the finishing order of the two horses that you plan to choose. When comparing it to a win bet, it is clear that this decision is far more difficult to forecast.
  • Quinella - Almost all of the rules for this exotic wager are the same as those for an exacta bet. You just need to choose two horses that will complete the race in the two highest places. However, picking the proper sequence of those two horses is not necessary. The sequence in which they finish is irrelevant, so long as they both place first and second. Due to this, the quinella bet is more forgiving than the exacta bet. Since the risk is low, the rewards are also lower.
  • Trifecta - When placing a trifecta, you will need to choose three horses that you think will come in first, second, and third place, respectively. This also entails to guessing the right sequence. Therefore, getting it properly is going to be a lot more difficult. You will lose your wager if one of the horses you picked doesn't come in the top three places, or if one of the horses you selected comes in second place rather than third place.
  • Superfecta - It is one of the trickiest exotic wagers in horse racing, much more so than picking the winners of three consecutive races. To win a superfecta bet, you must choose the top four finishers in a single race. The four horses you've picked must also cross the finish line in the precise sequence you specified. In the event that one of the horses doesn't rank in the top four, or if the horse you bet on comes in second place instead of first, you will forfeit your wager.

Best horse race betting sites in Michigan

Given the widespread popularity of horse betting in Michigan, there are a plethora of online horse race betting sites active in the state. We'll talk about some of the famous ones.

  • FOXBet Michigan - When it comes to online sportsbooks and Michigan betting apps, FOXBet is among the most intriguing options available right now. The Stars Group and Fox Sports have joined forces to create foxbet.com. They have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and have used it to their advantage in creating one of the most widely used online betting systems in the world. All sorts of bets provide odds that are comparable and competitive to those offered by other businesses in the sector.
  • PointsBet Michigan - With the purchase of Premier Turf Club, LLC, PointsBet entered the US horse racing sector and established a foothold there. It is a wagering firm that accepts advanced deposits and is authorized by the Oregon Racing Commission.
  • DraftKings Michigan - In early January 2021, DraftKings Sportsbook Michigan became active, coinciding with the official launch of legal online sports betting across Michigan. It should not come as a surprise that soon after its official debut, it shot to the top of the list of the best applications for online sports betting in Michigan.
  • BetMGM Michigan - It is a platform that provides access to horse racing material on the go, including daily updates, live video, race replays, and wagering on major US events. It allows users anywhere in the United States to place wagers on horse races via their mobile devices.
  • Caesars Michigan - Caesars, a household brand in the gaming world, has launched Caesars Racebook. Betting on horse races from across the globe will be possible. Since Caesars has established a solid name for itself in the US gaming market, this racebook hopes to capitalize on that success. Caesars Entertainment and NYRA Bets have teamed up to create the Caesars Racebook.
  • WynnBet Michigan - Among the affluent bettors, Wynn has long been a go-to for a wide variety of gambling options, including casino games, horse races, and sports. It provides both a user-friendly interface and a plethora of sports selections but to varying degrees. So, it is possibly best suited to the moderate, intermediate-level sports bettor.

History of horse betting in MI

The initial legal framework for horse racing in Michigan can be traced back to the Racing Act of 1933. Basically, it served to both allow and regulate pari-mutuel horse racing in the state. Racing on horses is now under the Horse Racing Law of 1995, along with the Michigan Gaming Control Board's regulatory efforts ensuring that the industry's goals are met.

Horse racing expanded steadily during the '60s, '70s, and '80s. Unfortunately, it saw a dip in the 1990s and has not recovered to the same level since then. Both the Detroit Racecourse and the Muskegon Downs are no more. However, Northville Downs is the only remaining racetrack in modern times.

About Northfield Downs in Michigan

Northville Downs is a track in downtown Northville, Michigan that provides live harness racing throughout the winter and spring. Essentially, Northville, a prosperous community in Michigan, is on the border between Oakland and Wayne counties.

It debuted in 1944 as Michigan's first track to host harness races at night. Joe Louis prepared for the 1939 World Heavyweight Championship bout he would win at the Downs, which was constructed on the site of the previous Wayne County Fair.


Which horse betting site is the most popular in Michigan?

It is difficult to say which is the best and most popular horse betting site in Michigan, as there are no clear figures on how many users each Michigan betting site has. However, some of the top horse betting sites are available above in this article.

When did online horse betting become legal in Michigan?

In the closing days of 2019, Michigan legislators approved House Bill 4310. It amended the Horse Racing Law in 1995 to make it legal to place bets on horse races via the internet.

How many race tracks are there in Michigan?

Currently, Northville Downs Race Track is the only race track available in Michigan. It hosts harness racing and is the only venue to show live racing.