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Sign-up bonus: Coming soon
Promo code: No code required
Minimum deposit: $10
Last updated: December 2023

Operator Overview

Sportsbook: ESPN Bet
Legal in Michigan: Yes
Retail location: TBD
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ESPN Bet Sportsbook is nearing its Michigan launch. Following parent company PENN Entertainment’s decision to rebrand its online gambling platform from its previous identity as Barstool Sportsbook via a $2B deal with ESPN in August 2023, the mobile betting app, website, and retail locations are all undergoing a major overhaul.

Here, we’ll review what changes and features will be available on the platform following the ESPN Bet relaunch, as well as how to get started with the platform once the bookmaker goes live in Michigan once again.

ESPN Bet explained

ESPN Bet is the new brand face of PENN Entertainment’s sports betting platform. The platform used to operate under the “Barstool Sportsbook” label, but legal complications with the controversial Barstool company led to PENN selling the company back to founder Dave Portnoy and following up the sale by entering a massive 10-year year partnership with ESPN.

Hoping to capitalize on the global recognition of the “Worldwide Leader in Sports,” ESPN Bet will feature daily betting content from ESPN’s on-air personalities. The hope is that this exclusive deal will help drive betting registrations and lead to a more immersive and unique betting experience.

PENN is planning to roll out the new platform before Thanksgiving 2023 but has not yet announced a firm date. We will update this page accordingly once that happens.

Is ESPN Bet Sportsbook licensed in MI?

Yes, ESPN Bet Sportsbook is licensed in MI. PENN Entertainment previously acquired a gambling operator’s license from the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) when it launched the Barstool Sportsbook platform, and the licensure will still apply following the rebrand. As a result, there won’t be any additional red tape to work through before launching statewide when ESPN Bet is ready for rollout.

How can I open an account at ESPN Bet in Michigan and claim the promo?

You will be able to open an account at ESPN Bet in Michigan and claim the promo in a matter of moments once the new sportsbook platform is launched and live. The registration process will take about five minutes, and you’ll need to follow roughly these same steps to complete the signup.

  1. Navigate to the registration form: Once ESPN Bet has launched its website, we’ll update this page with a link to the registration page. Additionally, we’ll update you with any applicable promo codes or bonus information that will help you make the most of your signup.
  2. Enter your account information: After you arrive on the site, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address and a password to use when logging into your account. You may also need to enter your cell phone number to enable two-factor authentication.
  3. Type in your personal information: Next, you’ll need to verify your identity by providing your legal name, birth date, and street address (no P.O. boxes) exactly as they appear on your driver’s license or other government-issued ID. You’ll also be required to enter the last four digits of your Social Security number. This info will be encrypted when you submit the form and safely stored behind multiple layers of cybersecurity technology.
  4. Agree to the terms and make a deposit: Finally, check the boxes to agree to the terms of use and to verify that the information you submitted was complete and accurate. Once that’s done, you’ll need to make a real money deposit with the payment method of your choice.

ESPN Bet has not yet announced what the welcome bonus offer will be, so we don’t have the specifics of what you’ll need to do to claim the promo. However, we will update this page accordingly once that changes.

What are the best features of ESPN Bet Sportsbook Michigan?

Until the platform fully launches in Michigan, we’re left with a bit of speculation as to the best features of ESPN Bet Sportsbook. However, from what has been discussed at press conferences and news releases, as well as the traits that may carry over from the Barstool-branded platform, there are a few things we can anticipate.

  • Content from ESPN’s on-air talent: ESPN Bet has announced there will be “heavy involvement” from ESPN’s on-air personalities which could include betting-focused programming across its platforms, exclusive betting trend analyses, and matchup insights. PENN tried this strategy with Barstool and should see even greater success with ESPN personnel involved.
  • Generous promotions: Under the previous platform, promotions were frequent and lucrative. Beyond a massive $1,000 second-chance bet offer for new players, returning gamblers could regularly find daily odds boosts, parlay insurance promos, sport-specific offers, and much more. This trend should continue once ESPN Bet launches.
  • Integration with other ESPN products: With the success of ESPN+’s streaming services, there’s a very good chance live-streaming will be widely available for ESPN Bet users, especially for those who have placed in-play wagers. Additionally, you’ll likely be able to access the ESPN Bet platform to place a wager directly from ESPN+ or from articles on the ESPN website.

What types of bets are offered on ESPN Bet Sportsbook?

ESPN Bet Sportsbook will offer many types of bets on the platform, allowing users near-limitless potential when crafting their bet slips. Here are some of the most popular options you’ll find.

  • Spread bets: Spread bets are unique in that they aren’t so much about picking a winner but are instead about the margin of victory. A team that loses a given game can still be a winner against the spread and result in a winning wager. Before each game, ESPN Bet will pick a team that is “favored” to win and set a line of how many points they expect the favorite to win by. Bettors can then choose whether the favorite will cover the spread and win by more than that total or bet on the underdog to cover the spread (losing by fewer points than the spread total).
  • Prop bets: Short for “proposition bets,” prop bets are wagers that aren’t necessarily dependent on the outcome of the game. For example, a wager on whether the Detroit Tigers starting pitcher finishes with more or less than 5.5 strikeouts would be a prop bet because it doesn’t matter whether the strikeout total isn’t dependent on the Tigers winning as well.
  • Parlay bets: Parlay bets combine several different wagers (or “legs”) into one unique bet with the odds multiplied for each additional leg added to the slip. An extension is the “same game parlay” where each of the legs comes from within the same matchup. With the expansive list of sports ESPN covers, the list of same-game parlays offered daily should be even greater than other sportsbooks offer.

What type of sign-up promo will ESPN Bet give when it launches?

ESPN Bet has not yet announced what type of sign-up promo it will give when it launches, but there are a few common welcome bonuses that could be at play. The first would be a second-chance bet, where players can get a bonus bet of equal value to the stake of their first wager (up to a certain dollar amount) if that first bet settles as a loss. This is one of the most common offers among Michigan sportsbooks and gives players a great opportunity at early profitability.

Another option could be a deposit match, where ESPN Bet would award bonus bets that match the value of a player’s deposit (again up to a certain amount). These bonus bets could be played on their own or alongside real-money wagers.

Lastly, another common type of promo is a “Bet X, Get X in Bonus Bets.” Several other Michigan sportsbooks have run this offer type as something like “Bet $5, get $150 in bonus bets,” so ESPN Bet could look to follow a similar industry trend, perhaps with a higher bonus bet amount.

How long will it take for the ESPN Bet bonus to be credited?

The length of time it will take for the ESPN Bet bonus to be credited will be dependent on the type of bonus the platform chooses to offer. Deposit match bonuses are instantaneous once you load funds into your account, while a bonus bet offer may be contingent upon placing your first wager.

Similarly, you may have to wait as long as 72 hours after a bet settles as a loss to receive your second chance bet credits. Once ESPN Bet announces its welcome offer, we will update this page accordingly.

How do I troubleshoot if the ESPN Bet Michigan bonus is not working?

If the ESPN Bet Michigan bonus is not working, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot. The first and most important step, which is often overlooked, is making sure you’ve met all necessary criteria. This can include placing an eligible wager, depositing a certain amount into your account, or waiting for a bet you placed to settle, and if those things haven’t happened, you won’t get the Michigan betting bonus.

However, if you’ve done all the required actions, the next step would be to log out of your ESPN Bet account, close the app or web browser you’re using, and then restart your device. Sometimes, this is enough to trip a refresh of the software and get the bonus to show up in your account. If things still aren’t working after that, you’ll need to get in touch with ESPN Bet’s customer service team.

Leading sports leagues you will be able to bet on using ESPN Bet Michigan

Because of the partnership with ESPN, PENN could bring even more sports to its betting platform than it had under the Barstool brand. Previously, 19 different sports and esports markets were available on Barstool, so we would expect a similar list of sports to be available. That being stated, we anticipate these to be the leading sports leagues you will be able to bet on using ESPN Bet Michigan.

  • NFL: The NFL is by far the top dog in U.S. sports betting markets and that holds true in Michigan as well. Since Michigan sports betting launched in 2021, the five months with the biggest sports betting handle have all come during football season, especially in January leading up to the Super Bowl.
  • NBA: While the Detroit Pistons haven’t seen the same success in recent years as they did in the 1980s and 2000s, NBA betting in Michigan remains extremely popular. By handle, it is the second-most bet-on league in the United States, and that trend should continue on ESPN Bet in Michigan.
  • NHL: While the NHL trails the other leagues mentioned here in viewership and betting handle, the league is on the rise, and hockey remains ever-popular among Michiganians. ESPN+ is the go-to streaming option for NHL fans, and ESPN Bet will likely have exclusive offers surrounding its hockey programming.

The ESPN Bet betting app in Michigan

When PENN Entertainment launched the Barstool Sportsbook app, the program wasn’t exclusive to different states; instead, there was only one app to cover the platform. We expect the ESPN Bet betting app will roll out much the same way in Michigan, where players won’t need to download a state-specific version when traveling out of state.

The app is not yet available for download, so we haven’t yet been able to test any of the features, review the navigability, or see what the overall aesthetic of the Michigan betting app will be. Again, we will update this section accordingly once the app has launched.

How to download the ESPN Bet app on iOS

When the ESPN Bet app becomes available for download on Apple devices, you’ll be able to download the app by following these steps.

  1. Open the App Store on your iOS device and log in with your Apple ID and password.
  2. Search for “ESPN Bet Sportsbook.” The exact name of the app hasn’t yet been announced, but this is the likeliest option, and we will update this step if the name is slightly different.
  3. Press “Get” then “Install.”

After that, the download process will begin. Once you’ve fully installed the app, you’ll be able to create a new account, make a real-money deposit, claim the Michigan welcome bonus, and begin placing your wagers.

How to download the ESPN Bet app on Android

ESPN Bet’s app hasn’t been released yet. However, once the app is available for public download, you can install it by following these steps.

  1. Log into the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Search for “ESPN Bet Sportsbook.” Note that the exact name may be slightly different, and we will update this step if necessary to match the correct title.
  3. Press “Install” and wait for the download to complete.

Once the installation finishes, you’ll be able to create a new ESPN Bet account or log in with the credentials you used when registering your account.

Will you be able to bet on Michigan college sports with ESPN Bet?

Yes, you will be able to bet on Michigan college sports with ESPN Bet. Part of the verbiage of Michigan’s sports betting bills (bipartisan House Bills 4311-12, 4916-18, 4307, and 4308) included permissions for Michiganians to place wagers on collegiate athletics, including provisions for betting on in-state teams. This means each of Michigan’s seven NCAA Division I programs is fair game on ESPN Bet.

ESPN Bet Sportsbook Michigan expected payment options

Though no confirmed list of banking methods has been announced, ESPN Bet Sportsbook will likely offer many of the same payment options as other Michigan sportsbooks. We also can expect the list to look somewhat similar to what was already available on the Barstool platform. Here are some of the options we expect.


  • Credit/debit cards: An excellent option that is convenient and secure, nearly every Michigan sportsbook will accept credit and debit cards, and that should include ESPN Bet. Visa and Mastercard are virtual locks to be available while Discover and AMEX may be a bit more up-in-the-air. ESPN Bet may also allow you to withdraw winnings directly to your debit card.
  • ESPN Bet Play+: From a functional standpoint, Play+ prepaid cards work almost as a hybrid of a gift card and an ATM card. After loading up your Play+ Card with funds from your bank account, you can use the card to fund your ESPN Bet account. You’ll also be able to withdraw your winnings from the card at an ATM.
  • Apple Pay: Apple Pay is a relatively newer e-walled option that was accepted at Barstool and should also be available on ESPN Bet. Unfortunately, Apple Pay only works for iOS users, and Google Pay wasn’t accepted for Android users (though that certainly could change after the relaunch).


  • PayPal: Functioning similarly to Apple Pay, PayPal is more widely accepted as an e-wallet at sportsbooks and is extremely convenient. In many cases, bettors can access their winnings in their PayPal account the same day they submit a withdrawal request through the betting site. Furthermore, PayPal will not charge a fee when withdrawing from ESPN Bet; however, there could be fees when moving money from PayPal to your bank account, depending on how quickly you want to offload the funds from PayPal to your bank.
  • Online banking: When you link your bank account to your ESPN Bet account, you’ll be able to quickly and securely deposit funds and access winnings. If you’re using a national bank, you’ll likely be able to get the funds almost immediately once the withdrawal request is approved, though you should still allow 3-5 days for the funds to hit.
  • Check/e-check: The checking option usually takes a bit longer for the funds to arrive, especially if you’re waiting for USPS to deliver a paper check. However, e-checks are one of the most secure ways to collect your winnings. That security alone can be enough to offset the wait time, which could be anywhere from 3-15 days. If it takes longer than that, reach out to ESPN Bet’s customer service center for assistance.

Customer support at ESPN Bet Sportsbook MI

PENN made sure to make the customer support resources easily accessible on the Barstool platform, and we would be stunned if things weren’t run in a similar manner on ESPN Bet. FAQ pages were quite detailed and very easy to navigate. Additionally, a 24/7 chat was available along with email and phone support, all of which should still be available on ESPN Bet Sportsbook MI.


When will ESPN Bet go live in Michigan?

ESPN Bet has not yet announced a firm date for when it will go live in Michigan. However, reports from PENN Entertainment are that the company plans to launch the ESPN Bet platform before Thanksgiving 2023.

Do you have to live in MI to bet on ESPN Bet?

No, you do not have to live in MI to bet on ESPN Bet. You simply need to be physically located in Michigan or in any other state where ESPN Bet is licensed and operating. Make sure you have geolocation services turned on when trying to place a wager from a computer or mobile device or you won’t be able to get your bet in.

What is the minimum deposit at ESPN Bet in Michigan?

The minimum deposit at ESPN Bet will be $10 once the online betting platform launches. This is on par with most other Michigan gambling operators.

Does ESPN Bet in Michigan charge withdrawal fees?

No, ESPN Bet in Michigan will not charge withdrawal fees.

Does ESPN Bet have any retail betting locations in MI?

Yes, ESPN Bet will probably have a retail location at the Greektown Casino in downtown Detroit. This facility previously functioned as the retail home for Barstool Sportsbook, so PENN Entertainment is likely to maintain a brick-and-mortar presence in MI at the same site.