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Gambling has always been a legal pastime in Michigan since state regulators allowed the activity in the 1980s. The Great Lakes state houses several casinos, such as the Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan. Casinos in the state are usually full-service establishments that offer more than just gambling activities. You can read more about what Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan has in store for its customers in the sections below.

About Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan

The Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan can be found in the city of Brimley in Chippewa County. It is located along St. Mary’s River and Lake Superior. The casino was built in November 1995, making it the longest-operating casino in Michigan. It is owned and managed by the Bay Mills Indian Community. The establishment is a well-known tourist destination in the state. It has around 200 employees.

Resort Features

The main features of the establishment include a wide range of gaming selections, multiple dining options, a casino gift shop, a hotel with 143 rooms, an 18-hole golf course, RV sites, and other recreational facilities. The waterfront resort is also situated near ATV, hiking, and snowmobile trails. It is planning to add more features as part of its expansion plan. The future amenities include a spa, a splash pad section, a massage and therapy room, several hot tubs, a fitness facility, and an arcade.

The Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan also holds several entertainment events, such as stand-up comedy shows, concerts, and tournaments. It also offers special holiday raffles, giveaways, and other promotions.

Bay Mills Area Attractions

Guests can also visit some of the local attractions near the Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan. Some of the popular local attractions include the Tahquamenon Falls, Mission Hill Overlook, and the Iroquois Point Lighthouse.

The Tahquamenon Falls is the largest waterfall in the state. Meanwhile, the Mission Hill Overlook is where guests can have an expansive view of Spectacle Lake, Canada’s western shore, Lake Superior, the St. Mary’s River, and the forest area. As for the Iroquois Point Lighthouse, visitors can explore this iconic structure that has inspired ancient and modern travelers in their sea journey.

What types of betting does Bay Mills Resort & Casino offer?

Customers can choose from the latest slot games and table games that are housed in the casino’s 17,000 square feet of gaming floor. The following list provides some of the key details of each betting type that Bay Mills casino provides.

  • Table games - There are over 12 table games available in the Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan. Some of these table games include popular ones such as three-card poker, two and six-deck blackjack, Let it Ride, Live poker, and the Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em.
  • Sportsbook - The Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan partnered with DraftKings to provide a Michigan sports betting option. Using the DraftKings SportsBook platform, customers can place their bets on several popular sports leagues such as the MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, UFC, NASCAR, and other similar events.
  • Slots - More than 600 of the newest slots are available in the casino’s gaming area. Dragon Link and Dollar Storm are two of the latest slots offered by the Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan. There are also video poker machines for the casino’s betting customers.

Bay Mills Resort & Casino and DraftKings Sportsbook partnership

In June 2020, the Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan entered into an agreement with DraftKings Inc. to offer a sportsbook. The partners then worked together to secure all approvals and licenses that are needed before the sportsbook can be legalized in the state. Their online sportsbook platform for Michigan finally launched in January 2021 when the state finally made sports betting legal.

Meanwhile, their retail DraftKings sportsbook site opened its doors on the casino’s premises in November 2022. Bettors now have several options on where to place their bets. They can opt to bet online on DraftKings’ website or through the mobile app. Customers can also go to DraftKings’ retail location inside the Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan to place their wagers.
The DraftKings sportsbook features unique wagering types that customers can choose from. Some of these bet types include in-game betting, live sportsbook, pools and teasers, and others.

Is there sports betting at Bay Mills Resort & Casino?

Yes, the Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan offers a sports betting option in partnership with DraftKings Inc. Customers can choose to place their wagers on the DraftKings sportsbook website or Michigan mobile betting app. They can also place their bets inside the DraftKings retail location inside the Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan.

Which sports can I wager on at Bay Mills Resort & Casino?

There are many types of sports that bettors can find on the casino’s platform. Some of these sports include football, soccer, hockey, and MMA. The following list shows the key details of these sports.

  • Football - American football involves 11 players per competing team. The team aims to gain points by bringing an oval-shaped football across a rectangular playing field towards their opponent’s goal posts at the edge of the field.
  • Soccer - This sport is played by two opposing teams that are each composed of 11 players. The players will attempt to drive the ball into their opponent’s goal area without the use of their arms or hands. The team that can drive the most balls into their competitor’s goal area wins.
  • Hockey - Players from two competing teams wear ice skates and hold hockey sticks to advance a puck into the opposing team’s goal area. The winner will be the team that has the most goal points.
  • MMA - This is a high-contact sport where individual fighters use various techniques that are typically derived from popular combat sports such as karate, judo, boxing, and others. Combatants use fighting techniques such as ground fighting, grappling, and others, with the goal of subduing their opponents.

Bay Mills Resort & Casino’s entertainment & cuisine

On top of the numerous recreational activities that it offers, the Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan also has several dining selections for its customers. They can choose from specialty and traditional cuisines. These establishments also have views overlooking the various bodies of water in the area. They also have seasonal promotions.

  • Sacy’s - This restaurant serves classic comfort dishes with its own touch. They have flatbreads, soup, potato dishes, pasta, steak cuts, salads, fresh juices, and more.
  • Back Bay Grill and Games - Known as the Upper Peninsula’s sole waterfront sports bar, this restaurant along Waishkey Bay serves typical dishes for sports fans. The restaurant has an extensive menu of sports-themed food items such as wings, pizza, chips, burgers, fries, and other similar selections.

Contact & opening hours

Address: 11386 West Lakeshore Drive, Brimley, MI 49715
Opening hours: 24/7
Website: www.baymillscasinos.com
Phone number: 888-422-9645
E-mail address: webmaster@baymills.org


Are there any hotels close to Bay Mills Resort & Casino?

There are several hotels that are close to the Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan. Some of these hotels include the Willabees Motel, the KastAway lake Superior Hotel, and the Breathtaking Lake Superior Beachfront.

Who owns Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan?

The Bay Mills Indian Community owns the Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan. They have been operating the property since 1995.

Is parking free at Bay Mills Resort & Casino?

Yes. Parking is free at the Bay Mills Resort & Casino in Michigan for regular vehicles. For RVs, overnight parking has a charge of $40 per night for full hook-ups (water, electricity, and sewer). If only water and electric hook-ups are needed, the charge is $30 per night.