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21+ and present in MI. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER
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21+ and present in MI. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER
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21+ and present in MI. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

Play+ betting sites Michigan platforms are sportsbooks that accept Play+ as a deposit and withdrawal method. With a range of e-wallets and prepaid debit cards to choose from, bettors can choose between these elements to use on their favorite sportsbooks for maximum speed and convenience. For more on Play+ betting sites in Michigan platforms, keep reading.

About Play+ betting sites in Michigan

Play+ is a prepaid card service that can only be utilized on betting sites and sportsbooks that are regulated in the United States. With the help of a cash-free model, bettors are able to maintain privacy by not having to share financial details with the sportsbook when needing to transact online.

When you wish to make deposits and withdrawals on a Michigan sportsbook, you will use a single Play+ prepaid card on betting sites that accept Play+. And during payouts, you can send the funds to your prepaid card and withdraw the funds from any ATM. The ATM does, however, need to accept PULSE, Discover, or NYCE. Also, you can use your prepaid card on more than one operator. This makes it an advantage for bettors who have other operator options that they enjoy exploring.

The best sports betting sites in Michigan offer Play+ as a payment service option for bettors. This makes it widely accepted with a high approval rate. Since many card issuers still don't approve of gambling transactions and online sports betting, this makes it very important to note. In this case, bettors won't have an issue with transactions. By routing the transactions through Play+, restrictions can be avoided from banks that may not approve of gaming transactions.

About the Play+ card

For speedy transactions, bettors can request the Play+ card and add funds to the account electronically so instant deposits are possible on licensed operators. Should you wish to withdraw funds from your Play+ account directly, you can request a physical card from the provider. You also have instant withdrawals to look forward to with no waiting periods offering instant access to your winnings. For this reason, if you're looking for an ideal alternative to other, more traditional payment services like card payments, you can certainly opt for this one.

When you register with Play+ and even request a physical card, you can do all this for free with no credit check that will be done on you. And since Play+ offers prepaid debit card services, no overspending can be done when transacting.  This goes hand-in-hand with sportsbook suggestions that encourage responsible gaming. It also works well as an alternative in case your card payment options decline.

It's worth noting that it can sometimes be challenging to keep track of fees associated with using Play+. This is because the provider has different policies on deposits and withdrawals. Betting sites may charge additional fees, however, no fees apply to signing up, making withdrawals, or making purchases.

What to look for in Play+ betting sites in MI

There are several Play+ betting sites on Michigan platforms that you can choose between. By using the following criteria, you can narrow your options down to the perfect one based on the sportsbook:

  • Licensed - This will enforce the measure of offering safety and security to all bettors. We advise against exploring any offshore sportsbooks as they pose unnecessary risks and are often unregulated.
  • Fast transactions - Fast transactions are for instant access to games and cashouts that better the overall gaming experience.
  • Extensive sports selection - If the sportsbook has a wide collection and selection of games within various sports, this is ideal.
  • Bonuses and promotions - When bettors receive generous betting bonuses and are constantly receiving rewards through promotional campaigns, it makes the experience worthwhile.
  • Customer service - Offering the best customer support channels with friendly, responsive, helpful, and professional consultants that get the job done.

Best Play+ betting sites in Michigan

A few Play+ betting sites in Michigan that you should consider exploring:

  • BetMGM Michigan
  • UniBET Michigan
  • Caesars Michigan
  • DraftKings Michigan
  • FanDuel Michigan
  • BetRivers Michigan
  • PointsBet Michigan

How to use Play+ on betting sites in MI

Making a deposit

Depositing on betting sites using Play+ is a straightforward process, as outlined below:

  1. Sign in to the Michigan betting site - If you haven't already gone through the process of registering with a Michigan sportsbook, then this would be the right time to do so. You can use the list of sportsbooks in Michigan that are mentioned above. If you have, however, already found one, then in order to deposit into the sportsbook account, you need to first sign in.
  2. Choose Play+ as the deposit method - Once you're in the cashier section of the account, select the option to "Deposit" funds into the account. A list of deposit options will appear so please select "Play+" as your deposit option of choice.
  3. Click ‘enroll’ - After choosing the option to use Play+, click "Enroll" and proceed to the next step.
  4. Add funds with a debit or credit card - When you are in the process of depositing funds into the Play+ account, you will need to have your card details ready. Enter the debit or credit card details. Make sure this is 100% accurate.
  5. Enter an amount to deposit to your Play+ account - Before submitting the deposit request, be sure to enter an exact amount of how much you would like to deposit into your Play+ account. This is the amount you can use to fund your sportsbook account just before placing bets.
  6. Start betting - Once your sportsbook account reflects the deposit amount, you can now proceed to place your bets on the games you'd like to play.


These are the steps to follow when you are looking to make a withdrawal from your sportsbook:

  1. Choose Play+ as a withdrawal method - When you're in the cashier section of your sportsbook account, select the option to make a withdrawal. When the list of available payout options appears, choose "Play+" as your payment service of choice.
  2. Enter the amount to withdraw - You will now need to enter the amount that you would like to withdraw. At this point, it's important that you check with the operator to see if you are eligible for a payout after adhering to the terms and conditions, and meeting the wagering requirements. If your account is eligible, your payout will be a success.
  3. Use your Play+ card at ATM to withdraw. - When the payout request receives approval, the payout will reflect in your Play+ account shortly after. Once here, you can use your physical Play+ card to withdraw the funds at an ATM.

Alternative payment methods for Play+ betting sites in MI

If you happen to be looking for other alternatives that are still in the same league as Play+, then you can consider the following:


Is Play+ safe to use on betting sites in Michigan?

Yes, Play+ is safe to use on betting sites in Michigan. With Play+ itself, when you deposit funds into your Play+ account, your funds are held safely and securely. This is through the provider's partner bank, and this bank is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Your account will always remain PIN protected with a numeric password that will remain authentic to use at ATMs and on many gaming devices. Play+ will not partner with an operator that's not licensed, legalized, or regulated. Therefore, this will mean that if an operator is offering Play+ services, the operator is safe and secure to transact on with adequate privacy policies to keep your personal information away from third parties.

Do Play+ betting sites in Michigan charge me fees?

If Play+ will charge you fees on betting sites will depend on the betting site that you are operating on, but you are likely to be charged operator fees for using Play+. To check this, most sites have a banking page dedicated to providing all the information you need regarding available payment methods and their fees. If, however, a banking page is not available, you can contact the help center for more information.

Do all betting sites in Michigan accept Play+?

No, not all betting sites in Michigan accept Play+. But because it's an ideal alternative to your more traditional payment services, most operators offer it. If you would like to check if the betting site offers Play+, you should speak to customer service.